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University project wants YOU to help spot suspicious behaviour on CCTV

Deny ID | 31.03.2007 13:44 | Education | Repression | Technology

Appearing around Nottingham University around the weekend, a leaflet offering 4 quid for 30 mins volunteering tells you to email Anthony Carse, or phone mobile no. 07921 706 198 to take part.
"Absolutely anyone is suitable to undertake the experiment". "WHY NOT SEE IF YOU ARE UP TO THE CHALLENGE"

It's the next thing in CCTV! Not content with new cameras that tell you off when you drop litter, or poke fun at the authorities, the next generation of Big Brother technology is about looking for funny walks and inappropiate loitering, or perhaps you are looking too sad or too happy?
But how do we know if they work or not? Can it be done even better?

The CCTV experimenter tells us "We are researching the particular aspects of a persons' behaviour that are seen to be suspicious when viewed using continuous surveillence."

The potential for suspiciously random behaviour by those taking part in this experiments does not seem to be mentioned!

Deny ID


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