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International Law and The Iraq War

un | 10.04.2006 10:27 | March 18 Anti War Protest | Anti-militarism

Press release from Tony Benn

EARLY DAY MOTION 19 46 on 29 : 3: 06

Alan Simpon, Mr Robert Marshall-Andrews, John McDonnell, Mr Robert
N. Wareing,

Ms Diane Abbott, Jeremy Corbyn, Dr Ian Gibson

The 7 Labour MPs tabled an EDM about the Iraq War as follows;-


That this House notes that Office of the United Nations Secretary
General, in reply to detailed evidence submitted to him asking for an
inquiry into breaches of the United Nations Charter, The Hague and
Geneva Conventions and the Nuremberg Charter during the war against
Iraq, has replied to say that the matters raised " are of extremely
serious concern " and has referred the matter to the UN High
Commissioner of Human Rights; and calls for the appointment of a
Select Committee to examine this evidence and report to the house as
soon as possible.


This letter referred to was sent by Tony Benn and others to the
United Nations and to the UK Attorney General in December 2005 with 28
charges of breaches of International Law. It has now been signed by
over 3,000 people including SNP and Plaid Cymru MPs, Rory Bremner,
Michael Gambon, Janet Street-Porter, Mrs Rose Gentle, Michael
Mansfield, Harold Pinter and Reg Keys.

The 28 charges were read out in Parliament Square on 18th March by
Martin Bell, Lindsey German, Bruce Kent, Ken Loach and others and
included such charges as the damage to Babylon, failure to provide
security to the population after invasion, the torture and
humiliation of POWs, shooting up of ambulances, revenge killing in
Fallujah, and the worst crime of all being Crimes against Peace ; viz
: Planning and conducting an Aggressive War using deceit, including
deliberately falsifying reports to arouse passion in support of this

As this war is a joint enterprise, The UK Government is responsible
for the maintenance of International Law even though some of the
actions were carried out by the US Army and Administration.


issued on behalf of Tony Benn by Nicholas Wood. contact Interviews with Tony Benn can be

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