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DLR Blockader hits national media!

Plastic Lepricorn | 10.09.2003 12:55

Mehdi El-Radh, the man who loced himself to the front of a DLR train this morning had managed to get into the London Evening Standard and the story has been picked up by thye BBC too. Wearing a tshirt read ind Drop Scones Not Bombs, Iraqi-born Mehdi, 28, used a cyclist's D-lock to chain himself to the front of the train by his neck. Half Iraqi and half Finnish Mehdi, had decided to mount the one-man protest after recently travelling to Baghdad. (He was not aware of other protesters also targeting the DLR.) Mr El-Radhi, who lives in Machynlleth, near Aberystwyth, was led away in handcuffs under a heavy police escort.

Evening Standard Article and the BBC Article

Plastic Lepricorn


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