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NVDA Blockade of ExCel west entrance yesterday

Gustav Landauer | 10.09.2003 13:43 | DSEi 2003 | Anti-militarism | London

13 arrests at blockade of western entrance to ExCel center yesterday afternoon.

Blockade of western entrance
Blockade of western entrance

On Tuesday (the NVDA Day), after wandering around for a while, some activists managed to blockade the western entrance to the ExCel center at Tidal Basin Rd. 16 people sat down on the road, and the police clearly was surprised, as it has been quiet in the area for the whole day.
After 5 to 10 minutes, police asked everyone to get up, and threatened arrest. At this stage, 3 persons, who didn't want to get arrested for several reasons, decided to go, but the rest stayed.
A while later, police decided to arrest everyone. All 13 were brought to Charing X police station, and charged with obstruction of the highway. From 8pm on, most were released, but 1 or 2 had to stay over night - we don't know the reasons yet. Some of us could hear the Samba band playing outside the police station from inside the cells - thanks for that, it was great!
We all - and the three Catholic Workers, who splashed red paint at Custom House DLR earlier in the day, and who were also released yesterday evening - will have to appear at Stratford Magistrates Court, 389/397 High Street, Stratford E15 4SB next Tuesday (16 September), at 9:30am (supporters welcome, although it's only a boring plea hearing).

Gustav Landauer