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Photograhs From Iraq: March 1 - 11, 2005

combat | 11.03.2005 19:02 | Globalisation | Repression

Iraqis demand better security; US soldiers secure them to death; roadside bombs in Basra; sabotage, assassinations, carbombs...the freedom rolls on.

Residents of Ramadi around a destroyed car that belonged to Qassim Mohammad, a 50 year old man who was killed by US soldiers, for no apparent reason, on March 1.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of Iraqis rallied in Hilla on the same day to demand better security after a carbombing there killed at least 114 people and injured hundreds more the previous day. The protesters also condemned the bombing.

A roadside bomb hit an SUV in Basra, injuring two Brits and one other person on the 2nd. Later in the week, two more roadside bombs there killed 3 Iraqi police.

Ziad Mohammed Jassim, from Ramadi, stands beside his destroyed car, which he says was smashed by an American armored vehicle, on the same day.

Iraqis arrested by collaborators in Hilla, also on the 2nd.

One of the people who is likely to be the next executive of Iraq, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, and one of the people who protects him from Iraqis. Al-Jaafari is the favored candidate of Shia Islamists, who received the most votes in the election; but the favored agents of the Americans, Allawi and Chalabi, have recently been scheming to keep Allawi in power. (March 2.)

Ammar Kadim, a bus driver, was wounded in a carbomb attack on an Iraqi army base on the same day; six people died, and 25 were wounded. It was unclear how many were civilians and how many worked for the Americans’ army.

Three suicide carbombs targeting Iraqis working for Americans killed around 8 people on the 3rd. One of them seriously wounded this man’s brother, a bystander, at the Interior Ministry in Baghdad.

A sabotaged gas line burns near Kirkuk on the same day.

Anti-occupation fighters attacked a tanker truck in Mosul on the 5th, killing its Turkish driver. They said that he was bringing fuel to the Americans.

Sa’ad al-Difaie, a representative of Moqtada al-Sadr and a leader of the anti-occupation al-Mehdi army, was assassinated in Baghdad on the 5th.

Yet another Iraqi civilian was shot dead by paranoid American soldiers in Ramadi on the 6th. No one in Iraq is immune from this kind of death: a New York Times article this week described how even Americans working for the occupation are shot at by US soldiers on a near-daily basis.

Collaborators and supposed resistance fighters, in Najaf, same day. The US military says it’s holding nearly 9,000 Iraqis, while the head collaborator says there are 10,000 people in jail.

Another truck delivering goods to US soldiers in Mosul was destroyed on the 7th…

Carbombs and an ambushes killed at least 25 people that day in Baquba and Balad, most (but not all) of them Iraqis working as soldiers for the occupation. Numerous others were wounded.

Uday Sagban screams in pain at al-Yarmuk hospital in Baghdad. A roadside bomb, intended for Iraqi soldiers, missed and killed two civilians and wounded Uday and three other people, also on the 7th.

American soldiers staged a huge raid on a farm district in southern Baghdad that day, arresting and interrogating at least 52 people, most of whom were women and children. All but two were released later.

Several protests took place in Iraq this week. This one, in Baquba on the 7th, was called by a coalition of religious groups (presumably Sunni and Shia, but AFP didn’t say) who demanded that foreign soldiers leave and wanted to show that Iraqis are united. Earlier in the week, doctors in Baghdad staged a sit down strike after one was beaten by Iraqi police...

On March 9, a coordinated attack in Baghdad very nearly devastated a hotel where American ‘security contractors’ stay: two people dressed in police uniforms shot two guards, allowing a suicide garbage-truckbomb to penetrate a closed area, but other guards killed the driver and the truck exploded.

Pickups are the hearse of choice – or maybe the only thing big enough to carry all the bodies – in the New Iraq. This one carried an assassinated police chief, and two of his companions, in Baghdad, March 10.

Basra, Iraq. March 11, 2005.

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