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For Workers Revolution in Venezuela!

Workers Vanguard | 16.08.2004 04:12 | Venezuela | Analysis | Social Struggles

“None of the countries of Latin America or the Pacific which are now under the domination of American imperialism to one degree or another is able either to attain complete freedom from foreign oppression or to retain such freedom for any length of time if it confines its struggle to the efforts of its own self. Only a union of the Latin American peoples, striving towards the goal of a united socialist America and allied in the struggle with the revolutionary proletariat of the United States, would present a force strong enough to contend successfully with North American imperialism.”


Venezuela: CIA Targets Chávez
Reprinted from Workers Vanguard No. 787, 20 September 2002

"Over the past decade, the dominant model for imperialist exploitation in the Third World has been IMF-dictated “free market” neoliberalism and privatization of state industry. The IMF’s ability to dictate draconian economic austerity is in large part based on the absence of the Soviet Union as a counterweight to the imperialists. At the same time, the current economic crisis in Latin America, from Argentina to Mexico, is producing a broader shift in the political-ideological climate away from neoliberalism back toward the nationalist populism espoused by Chávez and identified most closely with Perón’s Argentina in the 1940s and ’50s, where wide sectors of industry were nationalized. While we defend nationalizations carried out against imperialism, these in no sense free those industries from capitalist domination..."

"...At bottom, populism and economic neoliberalism are simply alternative policies of capitalist rule, often pursued at different times by one and the same person. In Brazil, Luiz Inacio da Silva of the Workers Party (WP), the front-runner in the campaign for next month’s presidential elections, put aside his populist rhetoric this summer to embrace a $30 billion IMF bailout package, promising, if elected, to respect the austerity measures that were part of the deal."

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