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four shooting incidents in Venezuela

indy uk | 16.08.2004 01:06 | Venezuela | World

Four shooting incidents. In the process of confirming some of them as we don't trust mainstream media ;-)

Unless otherwise stated, the information in this article comes from El

A militar from the “Operación República” killed a 20-year-old woman when he shot his gun by accident as he guarded the voting centre, in an educational unit in Mesuca, Sucre. The victim, Corina Paternina White, was a student.

In the Valley, a member of the “Frente Francisco de Miranda”, Clemente Javier Hernández, 21, died after being attacked. According to 'nacional' he was attached as he was going to vote. Spokespeople from the judicial police attributed the homicide to common underworld and they indicated that the responsible one for the crime has been identified. According to, , who posted in indymedia puerto rico, Clemente Javier was murdered in the early morning when he was getting ready to give the sound of diana, which meant, for the government supporters, the start of the day of the referendum. Hernández was reached by a shot in his head, made from a small bleizer truck without plates. Other victims were Julio Blacksmith and Luis Contreras. Blacksmith received a shot in his back and Contreras was knocked by the vehicle as it moved. Spokesmen of Radio Alí Primera, of El Valle, said that the action was presumed to be the work of a command of the metropolitan police that has been bothering the activists in the area. This was also reported in this spanish blog.

Approximately at 12:30 pm, a group of motorized people opened gire against voters who were going to vote at the school José of Jesus Arocha, in the colonial neighbourhood of Petare.

Later, one person was shot dead and twelve others left injured when another group of motorized people shot against a row of voters queuing. This happened approximately at 4:00pm between Petare and Santa Lucía, in Vuelta del Águila. El was informed that the victim was María Elizabeth Martínez, 28. the rest of the victims were taken to hospital. Officials from the District attorney's Office turned up in the scene to start the investigations.

indy uk