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Ayodeji Omotade V British Airways

John O | 02.12.2008 08:22 | Migration | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | Birmingham | World

"What would you do if someone on your flight was distressed and crying out for help? Would you stay silent or would you speak?  I spoke and BA didn't like it.  This type of corporate tyranny must be challenged and stopped." Ayodeji Omotade

Ayodeji Omotade
Ayodeji Omotade

Say No to a Racist Airling
Say No to a Racist Airling

Boycott British Airways
Boycott British Airways

Charged for supporting a person being forcibly deported on a British Airways flight

Assemble 09:30
Friday 12th of December 2008
Uxbridge Magistrates Court
Harefield Rd

Ayodeji has been charged with using 'abusive and threatening behavior' against a BA crew. He will appear at Uxbridge Magistrates Court on Friday 12th of December 2008 to refute the charges.

Ayodeji Omotade was a passenger on a British Airways flight to Nigeria on March 27, 2008.

A British Airways captain ordered 136 passengers off his plane in chaotic scenes after they all started complaining to cabin crew.

As the flight waited to take off at Heathrow the row was sparked by the restraint of a man being forcibly deported. Many were distressed by his pitiful cries of "I go die" and one passenger, Ayodeji Omotade, 39, spoke up on his behalf. The deportee was taken off the Lagos bound jet by immigration staff and police.

But five officers returned and arrested Mr Omotade. This outraged the other 135 passengers in the economy class section and they complained to cabin crew. Amid riotous scenes in the aisles, 20 police officers boarded to calm everything down. Then the BA pilot took the extraordinary decision to boot off everyone who had witnessed the arrest of Mr Omotade, an IT consultant from Chatham, Kent.

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