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Class struggle contingent with Bangladeshi workers on 6 December climate march

Workers' Climate Action | 02.12.2008 12:18 | Climate Camp 2008 | Climate Chaos | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements

Class struggle against climate change! Join Workers' Climate Action, No Sweat and the Colombia Solidarity campaign in marching with garment worker trade unionists from Bangladesh on the 6 December National Climate March.

* Meet at 11.30am on Saturday 6 December at the Roosevelt statue in Grosvenor Square (on the north side, Brook Street/Upper Brook Street; nearest tubes are Bond Street and Marble Arch)

Workers' Climate Action ( builds links between the workers' and environmental movements and sees working-class action as the key force in stopping dangerous climate change. No Sweat ( is the UK's class-struggle, anti-capitalist campaign against sweatshops. We will be marching with activists from the National Garment Workers' Federation of Bangladesh, a country at the sharp end of climate change and convulsed by class struggle, who are touring the UK with No Sweat (see website for more details); and with activists from the Colombia Solidarity campaign.

Join us at the National Climate March!

For more details email or ring 07974 331 053

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