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The BNP's Lee Barnes - a legend in his own lunchtime

Smiffy | 05.09.2009 08:59 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles | Liverpool

Lee Barnes saves the world

Lee Barnes, the BNP's legal beagle, appears to be off the medication again. You can always tell - he tends to go off his rocker quickly and dramatically and write the most appalling tosh on his blog. And yes, it's inclined to be worse than the usual rubbish he writes. Difficult to believe, I know.

On this occasion, the ever-entertaining Barnes is telling the BNP how it can amend the party's constitution to get around the anti-racist legislation that is forcing it, thanks to the Equality and Human Rights Commission, to become open to people of any colour or origin - like anyone with a brain would want to join that bunch of golly-burners anyway.

Having realised that it would cost a fortune to fight the current case, Nick Griffin has thrown the question of whether to change the rules or fight in court open to the membership of the party for discussion. It's a meaningless debate because the party has no option, though for Griffin there is one very clear and personal reason why he would prefer capitulation. He doesn't want the members to fight because that will involve interminable fund-raising and any funds that are raised should go into his pocket, or possibly into the pocket of Griffin's chum, Jim Dowson, not be frivolously spent on barristers for a case the BNP is destined to lose.

The further - and far more interesting question - is HOW the BNP's constitution is to be changed to make allowance for the fact that it could have people joining who are not exactly welcome, and who would be far from welcome at many meetings/events. And it is this latter problem that the lunatic Barnes has, he believes, solved...

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