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#nodashforgas Telling Osborne Gas is Not The Answer

Climate Rush | 21.11.2012 12:22 | Energy Crisis | London

This morning Climate Rushers went out to Westminster so spread balloons and a message: Osborne Don’t Dash For Gas

The balloons used were biodegradable, like the last action we did at the Conservative Party Conference in October.

Fantastically, the green movement has been re-energized over the issue of gas within this country and abroad. With energy costs escalating, as they were bound to do with fossil fuels becoming increasingly costly to extract, the reality of fuel poverty is hitting home and hard.

This makes the link between our energy choices and our changing climate more and more clear. Brilliant acts of bravery are being committed by activists from a variety of different environmental groups, such as No Dash For Gas, Frack Off! Campaign against Climate Change, REAF, RAFF, Frack Off London and many others, unifying us again.

New forms of gas are emerging onto the energy scene; with Shale Gas, coal bed methane and underground coal gasification licenses being bought all over the UK.

They are not an answer to the energy crisis.

They fail to contribute to reducing our carbon emissions, nor are they as abundant as drilling companies claim, so we as consumers will never see the benefit of cheaper energy. Rather, they are a stopgap delaying the inevitable decision about how we effectively roll out sustainable and renewable energy which will benefit us all.

Now’s the time and we have the power.

The issue of energy affects us all, just like climate change, but unlike climate change the reality of fuel poverty is more keenly felt within the UK. A broader base of activists’ voices are being heard in the anti-gas / pro-renewable camp, with more demographics being incensed at the government’s choices about the nation’s energy sources.

Although the World Leaders are silent on climate change, a unified voice is resounding with calm authority stating we will not sit by and let poor choices about future be made for us; we have alternatives and we have to implement them now before it’s too late.

If you want to join the chorus (and why wouldn’t you?) come along to a friendly meeting, email us to find out when and where, join our SWAT Bulletin by emailing or sign up to our newsletter. As always you can contact us, we will always be looking for dreamers, bakers, action plotters, artists, bloggers and tweeters. We look forward to hearing from you!

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