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London M20 Demo Video

jupiter | 21.03.2004 19:37 | Anti-militarism | Cambridge | London

2:34 Mpeg4 file of London marches yesterday. Can be viewed using Quicktime. Currently the MIME types for Mpeg4 files are a little bit weird, you will have to right-click on the movie links and select "Save link as..." to download the movie files to your hard disk. IMC-UK techs are working on this and will have a fix very soon.

These rushes of the anti-war march yesterday (March 20/04) were uploaded to a server in New York as part of a worldwide project to show video from around the world on at 8 pm Eastern Standard Time on March 21st. That's 1 am Monday morning in the UK. There is already video available from multiple cities (Paris, Denver, New York, etc.) Here's the idea as detailed in the call-out:

We're shortcircuiting the machinery of empire, overthrowing the powerful, and getting ready to take thee streets-- and once again we need to share these successes, our takeovers of territory. This weekend in new york we're planning a national satellite show documenting the global protest against war and empire. As you take your own streets please share your images using this strengthening video sharing network. We're looking for broadcast quality stuff (and hey you probably are too ;) ). Please post using vp3 or divx to ngvision,, or this temporary autonomous server we have set-up in new york (we will be posting there if you are looking for material from the states). The show will be broadcast on Sunday, March 21st: go to


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