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Demo in Glasgow and overall view worldwide

Werner | 21.03.2004 22:07 | Anti-militarism

information over demo in Glasgow
and a link to pics and numbers of demonstrators in some other cities worldwide

In spite of bad weather conditions - almost continuous rain with gusty wind - ca 1000 people take part on the Anti-War -Demo in Glasgow.
The demo was good organized. The demo-route (ca. 1 mile) was along busy main streets midst through the city of Glasgow and the rally was in an open place in the city-center too.

Overall view worldwide
It must be stressed, there were demonstrations in many countries worldwide, small demos (50 people for example in East-Timor) and big demos (1million for example in Roma), alone in USA were 250 demonstrations.
It was a great sign and standing shoulder to shoulder, that the people of the world will not war, that the people will peace and will solve their problems in another (peaceful) way (under a common leadership of the UN and not under a dictator leadership of some people like George Bush and his friends).

In the following link to a website ( foreign language, however to the pics and the name of cities to the pics, you need no translation). Also on those website there are cities listed from all continents with the number of demonstrators (but the list is not complete).



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