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Excellent Free Anti-War mix

some guy in the wilderness | 21.03.2004 17:18 | Anti-militarism

I found this excellent antiwar mix, and its free to download and distrabute.

Its half an hour long, and is both funny and funky, with a clear political message. (ie No to war and terrorism.)

You can get it here (theres also a tracklisiting on this page).

File size is about 25megs.

Download it, burn it, give it to your mates, play it at demos.

The author (Warrick Hunt) says: "So, basically I got bored one night, and inspired by the excellent mixes at CookdandBombd this was the result. It is simply a collection of good songs, comedy monolouges and cut-ups. It takes in a wide spectrum of music, from folk to hip-hop to punk to classical. I hope you like it, and please feel free to distribute as widely as possible, just please leave the file info as is."

some guy in the wilderness