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National Construction Industry action Nov9

sparks are spikey | 26.10.2011 00:24 | Workers' Movements

London, November 9th. Unite & Fight.

Construction industry electricians are reinventing the rank & file movement & leading the resistance with imaginative, effective & lively wildcat actions around the country. They have a national demo/action in London on Nov9. Lots of others taking action in London that day; occupiers, students, cabbies...

Let's all support each other! Unity is strength!

sparks are spikey


Banner drop at Cannon St. this morning

26.10.2011 10:50

Sheer class: (photo via @therubykid on twitter)

Organise or starve!


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  1. Excellent — Jake
  2. That Ashington leaflet... — Bishop of London
  3. Sparks are clever — Arthur Scargill