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OK Cafe social centre returns again in Manchester

OK Cafe | 25.10.2011 22:01 | Free Spaces

Manchester's OKasional cafe has returned. The temporary squatted social centre project has occupied a disused old people's home in Fallowfield, South Manchester. For three weeks the space will provide vegan lunch, dinner, workshops, events, gigs, parties, a library and more.

The OK Cafe in Fallowfield, Manchester
The OK Cafe in Fallowfield, Manchester

Week 2 program
Week 2 program

Music night
Music night

For an up-to-date programme of events see

The Cafe, which opened on 17th October, comes at a time when the Coalition government is proposing new legislation to make trespass a criminal offence.

One Cafe organiser explained, "The project physically stages a protest against government plans to criminalise squatting, the effects of which ripple out much further than just outlawing projects like the OK Café. The proposed legislation will impact the most vulnerable in our society - the homeless."

Crisis, the homelessness charity stated this year that around 39 per cent of all homeless people have used squatting at some point to stay off the streets.

The former nursing home building has been disused since 2007.

Workshops so far have included:

- book bloc
- screen printing
- feminism and class
- acrobatic and circus skills
- acordian music
- squatting
- housing coops
- cooking

A crew from Amsterdam will hold an event this Friday discussing the recent legislation banning squatting in the Netherlands.

For more information on the proposed new trespass laws see:

Finally, Jeffrey Lewis is rumoured to be playing the OK Cafe later tonight (Tuesday 24th Oct).

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