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Demonstrate Tuesday 5 Jan against Britain's racist immigration laws

Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! | 31.12.2009 17:01 | Anti-racism | Migration | Repression

Start 2010 by showing opposition to Britain's racist immigration laws! In the run-up to the next election as all parties compete for the crown of most 'tough' (ie racist) party, show the current Labour government and all contenders to succeed it that there is support for migrant workers and asylum seekers!

Close Communications House!
Solidarity with asylum seekers and migrants - Fight Britain's racist laws!

Demonstrate Tuesday 5 January 1-2pm outside Communications House, Old Street, London EC1 (nearest tube Old Street – exit on Clerkenwell Road side)

Called by Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! - all welcome

Stand in solidarity with migrants to Britain. Britain is a rich country and got that way by plundering half the world. People who come here from oppressed nations to live or work are only exercising their rights to what is theirs.

Communications House is one of a chain of 'reporting centres' for immigrants to Britain. Immigration reporting centres are places of fear for asylum seekers who have to report to them monthly, weekly or even several times a week.

Communications House is also a prison - the gateway to detention and deportation. From reporting centres asylum seekers are often detained without warning and sent to removal centres to await deportation. And migrant workers targeted in early morning workplace immigration raids are taken away to detention – via Communications House, or Beckett House, its south London equivalent.

Communications House is not just a reporting centre, or even just a prison – caseworkers based inside are issuing the directions to deport people. It is an integral part of the immigration system.

The government has declared war on migrants:
‘The message is clear – whether you’re a visa overstayer, a foreign criminal or a failed asylum seeker, the UK Border Agency is determined to track you down and remove you from Britain.’ Former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, 18 March 2009

So just as the government’s message is clear, ours must be too:


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Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!
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