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Australia Day Honours System Inscrutability Parallels Undeserved British Honours

Truth & Lies | 30.12.2009 17:14 | Repression

In 1975 the Australian government decided to drop British honours such as knighthoods in favour of an Australian system. This change was instigated by republican prime minister Gough Whitlam, one of the most disliked Prime Ministers of recent times. He was ultimately sacked by the Governor General following a series of scandals and the blocking of supply by the Opposition.

The Notorious Public Service Medal
The Notorious Public Service Medal

I have read a number of articles relating to honours and awards in Britain being given to undeserving oafs who have been involved in corruption or even human rights abuses.

This parallels the experience in Australia, particularly relating to the Public Service Medal. This year (2009) one of those awarded the military-style medal was known to have been involved in scandalous behaviour including having public servants who rocked the boat certified insane at her command.

I have posted an article on Perth Indymedia which opponents of the British system of honours may be interested to read.

The Public Service Medal

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