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Bobby Roberts Sad Circus

Animal rights from North West | 09.08.2008 19:29 | Animal Liberation

Information re our protest at this circus which has the last circus elephant in Britian, Anne, who has arthritis and is 54 years old.

10 protesters and a number of children from the holiday camps around, who joined us to show their disgust, were are Towyn, North Wales today to let Bobby Roberts know of our displeasure at his sad circus. Before the protest two of us were able to see below one of the tents at the back of the circus field where Anne was tethered, we could only see the bottom half of the tent and we could see her feet and see her swinging her trunk forlornly.

Opposite the circus field was a fairground owned by a man called Billy Williams, who rents this land from Conwy Council and has rented the field to Bobby Roberts, he came over to the non threatening women and children and aggressively insisted we move as this was a private road. This is a man who allows goldfish in tiny plastic containers to be given out on his fairground. Judi Hewitt, North Wales AR founder, will be taking up the issue of council land being used for animal circus's and for goldfish to be given out at this fairground, with Conwy Council.

Nevertheless we were pleased to get a great response from the public and we had some families saying they would boycott the circus after reading our leaflets, we also recruited a new member to our AR group. Meanwhile there were very few people patronising the circus in contrast to the American Circus (non animal) the week before which was booked out each night. It would seem that our message is getting across and this archaic spectacle of the last century looks like it is becoming as obscure as it should be.

Hey Bobby we'll be back!!!

Animal rights from North West