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BNP's Excalibur evicted from Deeside home

Lancaster Unity | 25.11.2008 22:04 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles | Liverpool


As the British National Party was desperately shutting stable doors after the list of members had bolted, its leaders had to contend with an equally serious problem.

The party had just been given notice to quit the hate factory that Searchlight had exposed in September. Where would it move the “vast array of new equipment” the party had purchased back in January, when it announced proudly that it had moved into a “brand new ground-floor warehouse”, let alone its range of tatty cringe-making and overpriced goods, Replica Victoria Crosses, condemned by the Ministry of Defence as an insult to British troops’ heroism, Enoch Powell t-shirts, stocks of its new racist brochure Racism Cuts Both Ways and the party’s back catalogue of publications?

The facility had been the first fruit of the BNP’s huge “Building to Grow” fundraising effort last winter and the first time the party could centralise its key operations in a modern unit...

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