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IMEMC NEWS | 26.11.2008 15:32 | Other Press | Palestine | World

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center for Wednesday November 26 2008

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China called on Israel on Wednesday to allow flow of goods and commodities in Gaza, as Israel continues to close all Gaza's border crossings for more than three weeks now. This news and more are coming up, stay tuned.

The Chinese ambassador to the United Nations, called on Israel to allow further food and medicines supplies in Gaza as a humanitarian crisis in looming in the coastal territory.

This call comes in the backdrop of a severe humanitarian conditions, with the people lacking essential goods and commodities such as cooking gas, fuel and food items for more than three weeks now.

Meanwhile, the Israeli military kept Gaza's border crossings closed today , under the pretext of homemade rockets fire from Gaza into nearby Israeli towns. Three weeks ago, the Israeli army broke a five-month-old Egyptian-brokered ceasefire deal, pushing up Gaza-based resistance factions to retaliate with homemade rockets fire.

In the West Bank, armed Israeli settlers attacked Palestinian-owned properties in the Hebron city, despite an Israeli high court's ruling that settlers should evict a Palestinian neighborhood.

At the political level, the league of Arab states was expected to hold an emergency meeting of Arab foreign ministers in Cairo, to discuss latest Palestinian developments including the Israeli siege of Gaza and the failed Palestinian national dialogue.

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