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Big Brother - Train to snoop on AR people

Anon | 26.11.2008 15:33 | Animal Liberation | Repression

Company offering courses on how to snoop on AR people! Wonder if the Human Rights Act is on the course agenda i.e. The Right to Assembly, the Right to Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Speech etc?

Agenda security

On its main Webpage:
'Is Tougher Legislation Driving Animal Rights Extremists
Underground? A one day training programme.
Do you want to?
Learn more about animal rights extremist’s threats and
Be proactive about animal rights infiltration tactics and
Prevent infiltration through a robust recruitment process?
If so, then you will not want to miss a special one day
training programme to be provided by Agenda Security Services
in the near future at a prestigious Cambridge venue.
Click here for more information on the one day training

'Guardian Intelligence Gathering, Investigation and Analysis
Guardian automatically gathers the intelligence negating the
need for hours of research and resource by company personnel.
Search criteria is specific to you and your organisation
ensuring that the information gathered is relevant.
Intelligence can be gathered on threats to the organisation,
animal rights, extremists, competitors and counterfeiters to
name but a few.....'.
'Animal Rights Intelligence and Analysis
Comprehensive monitoring and analysis of animal rights
activity in relation to your organisation, key people,
suppliers and other stakeholders. This report also monitors
the animal rights extremist movement environment and provides
updates on activity. Monthly...'



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