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HIV carriers to be microchipped in Indonesia

Meagan Freeman | 26.11.2008 12:58 | Bio-technology | Repression | World

HIV carriers in the Papau province of Indonesia will be microchipped from next month if government legislation (popular with MPs) goes through.

A committee made up of unspecified persons will, with unspecified criteria, choose which HIV positive people will be forcibly microchipped in order that they can be 'identified and tracked'. This is justified by the description by the Indonesian governemnt of many HIV carries as 'sexually aggressive', with legislator John Manangsang saying that microchipping "sexually aggressive" patients will allow the authorities to more easily identify, track and ultimately punish those who deliberately infect others with up to six months in jail or a $5,000 fine.

Indonesia has one of the highest growing HIV rates in Asia, contributed to a high level of prostituion and intravenous drug use in the country. It is not, surprisingly, due to a group of HIV positive biological terrorists, deliberately infecting people for no particular reason.

This bizarre attributing of the spread of a virus to a completely nonsensical and mythical 'phenomenon' appears to be nothing but a campaign of deliberate misinformation, one which conveniently allows the Indonesian governemnt to go ahead and microchip a marginalised section of the population. It seems startlingly similar to the introduction of ID cards on a 'group by group' basis in the UK. Indeed, in the US, airport workers are facing implantation with microchips just as they face the imposition of ID cards in the UK.

Please conatct the Indonesian embassy expressing your thoughts on its government's campaign of misinformation against the HIV positive members of its population and its abuse and violation of human freedom and dignity thruogh its microchipping programme.

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Meagan Freeman