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Al-Jazeera Journos Hold Protest For Jailed Collegue in Baghdad

Ewa | 06.09.2003 16:57 | Repression

Journalists at Al Jazeera hold a sit-in protest outside the Spanish Embassy in Baghdad tomorrow against the arrest of their collegue Tayseer Aloni. Jazeera have been recieving intense criticism from the US Occupation Authorities and the US government for what they say is biased reporting which is promoting incitement to vioelnce against US Troops.

Jazeera regularly broadcast info on human rights violations from US troops, occupation-critical and pro-Palestinian reports.

Tayseer Aloni, world class Jazeera journalist, husband and father, was arrested from his home yesterday by Spanish police for alleged and unspecified 'Links to Al-Qeda'. Tayseer has interviewed Osama Bin Laden before as well as other Al Qeda operatives as part of his work in Afghanistan. Al Jazeera sees this as blatent racist targetting of their staff and an affront to press freedom.

Their protest will be supported by people from Occupation Watch and other journalists, including Polish reporters from Polish tabloid SuperExpress, recently banned from the Polish Occupational Force military base in Hilla, Babylon for reporting on a mortar attack on the base in late July. The Ministry for National Defence received the report 'very badly' they were told by Major Andrzej Wiatrowski and as a consequence were no longer allowed to enter the base. The reporters were also ejected from the inaugural ceremony for the handover of power from the US to Polish Occupation authorities on Wednesday, at the base, which they managed to get into and at which was served PIG - pork, pork sausages!!!- to Islamic Imams. A portent for the forces' cultural sensetivity perhaps....



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