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He is an artist on Job Seeker's Allowance..

Access Space | 06.09.2003 17:40 | Sheffield

An overview of a week in Access Space

An overview of a week in Access Space.. date 2nd.09.03 the space re-opens happy vibe strange how you miss a space.. the walls looking bare.. But the conversation takes of your mind from that I'd guess.. Then appears Kate from the Cube Cinema in Bristol - she's a guest down at Access Space for the next week.. Cubists will be resident in the space for the next four weeks.. What they'll be up to we will no doubt see at the end... but watch out for video streaming, urban climbing, blogging, images, sounds and more.. The vibes is just good.. And next day meeting another one of The Cube lot..

So it's about 915. There I'm stood at Sheffield station waiting for Ali from The Cube... 930 a man looking at a map of Sheffield appears in front of me.. There is an energy are you ali yes introductions are done..

Off we head to get some food at the excellent Blue Moon Cafe a vegi / vegan place of just chilledness and good food.. We eat a nice breakfast of scrabled egg and toast drink coffee and chat about Access Space and The Cube.. Then eat the awsome vegan chock cake..

Then head of down to Access Space via the Winter Gardens and the soon-to-be-demolished Wedding Cake.. Just chating about Sheffield and the plans of mass re-devolepment..

Down the space it already buzzing people doing their shit.. Introductions are made I go about doing my own stuff..

Thursday another good vibe and energy has taken over the space even the tunes have moved on some nice house is pumping the speakers in the high roof of the space..

Friday to busy for me but a good vibe and energy is still there.. then appears Jim P with his work for the walls of Access Space..

Well what can be said the work is just awsome and interesting.. Kate's been working on Icecast Ogg Vorbis streaming.. I'd recomend you have a look.. we are open 11 to 7 Tuesday to Saturday..

A small donation gets you coffe tea and some days biscuits and chilled out people using Linux.. Now it could be Linux that is chilling the people as there is no Microsoft here.. Alright things do go wrong.. But less than Microsoft and the new Mandrake 9.1 just rocks..

When you have done looking at Jim Prevett's exhibiton "I am an artist on Job Seeker's Allowance" why not sit down log in as "guest" and experience the Linux revolution?

Desire to take it further? Then why not put your name down for the next html course at £15 pounds? Ask one of the people down at the space.. Then make your own online project in the space - they'll give you webspace and email for free.. "Share what you know, learn what you don't!"

We are based at 1 Sidney St. Sheffield S1 4RG (opposite The Rutland). Phone 0114 2495522.. Web site Oh yes we also recycle that old computer.. You know the one sat gathering dust.. Then bung it to us and we will ensure it gets recycled in a environmentally friendly manner.. Who knows it might find a new life in our media lab.. Come down and see us.. You never know you might just kick that Microsoft habit.. If not you will have seen some good new work by Prevett and McArthur - a selction of drawings paintings and bits in between.. To see the video then head down to Electrobloom: 8pm, Thursday 25th September @ the Grapes Trippet Lane..

There is more madness to be had @ Dulo off London Road (just behind the Chinese fireworks place) when RTI presents a night of tunes from DJs Matthew Gray (destrukta), Ed Carter (artsandlesurefoudation), Garath Falder (archers) with Cube DJs with videos and other moving images - that's on Wednesday 10th and Wednesday 24th.. From 7 to 11.. and it's free..

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