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Manchester protests

Manc | 20.05.2015 08:46 | Education | Public sector cuts

Two student occupations and a roving homelessness protest camp

Subrosa, the Manchester social centre may be closing shortly (due to lack of funds/not enough people using it) however, protests and occupations are on the up.

There's been a homelessness protest camp for a while now - first in front of the town hall, then when evicted just round the corner by the central library, and then when evicted this week it moved to St Ann's Square and squatted the set-up for a market -

Then there's been an occupation of part of one of the universities, for a free education and against cuts too. The original occupiers managed to smuggle in another 30 people, past security guards, who since have been more on it. So some camped outside, and another lot of students who wanted to join them have occupied another part of the university till they are allowed to join the original occupation -

Watch this space...