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BNP list - first sacking more to come - UPDATE

Fash fighter | 20.11.2008 16:46 | Social Struggles

Even more good news, following my post earlier it seems that little pixies visited Ray's wifes place of business (a seedy shoe shop) and painted the windows to let everybody know what her husband is involved with. As you can see form the picture here it was quite artistic !

BNP list - first sacking more to come
Fash fighter | 20.11.2008 15:54 | Anti-racism

Raymond Glossop a 54 year old landscape gardner from Sandhurst in Berkshire was today sacked from his job with a local company after we contacted them, their customers and sent notes to all his neighbors telling them of his BNP membership.

Glossop was seen to be in tears as he was driven away from his house earlier today - great news

One down - many more to come
Fash fighter

Fash fighter


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