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Police Victory Party

Peter Marshall | 02.05.2006 14:49 | Mayday 2006 | Culture | Repression | London

On May Day in London, Space Hijackers staged a 'Police Victory Party' in the centre of the city at Bank.

While the May Day March was making its way to Trafalgar Square I headed to Bank and the 'Police Victory Party' organised by the Space Hijackers.

There I watched Tony Blair and some rather more attractive than usual police (and pink fluffy hand-cuffs) being watched by some other police. A couple of them walked away in a huff when asked if they would mind being photographed, but others seemed to be rather amused by the proceedings.

Of course, the police (both lots) were taking pictures of the events too, and I can imagine some of them causing some amusement at section house parties.

There was a 'pin the blame on the anarchist' game, a pinata (ta for the mini mars bar) and some dancing before I had to rush off to make a gig at Trafalgar Square.

Where the politics were perhaps less serious.

As always, more pictures in another place soon.

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