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U.S. Republicans Own The "Voting Machine" Count Falsifiers

Ethics | 15.08.2012 20:39 | Afghanistan | Repression | Technology | Cambridge | World

As more and more countries are going back to paper ballots because of electronic machine vote fraud, the US continues to allow the plutocratic political party to
control virtually every easily hacked 'voting machine'.

Challenging The Constitutionality Of Republican Owned "Voting Machine" Companies

Republican owned 'voting machines' are actual falsification machines

Ongoing court cases in Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio and other states challenge the constitutionality of the decidedly minority Republican Party draconian new voter ID rules which are designed to disenfranchise or remove the voting rights of millions of Americans.

One area which has not been challenged enough is the constitutionality of having one party control at least 90% of the 'voting machine' companies. "Voting machines" owned by Diebold, ESS (Elections Systems and Software), Sequoia Pacific, Dominion, Premier can be easily hacked in 3 minutes. Chuck Hagel, head of ESS, actually counted his own votes and declared himself the winner of the Nebraska Senate race. What other country allows the plutocratic party through machines to control the voting process? More and more countries around the world are going back to paper ballots since it is more difficult to steal a paper ballot election.

Republican vote fraud stole the victories of our elected presidents Gore and Kerry, as over a century ago they installed the unelected Rutherford B Hayes into the White House. Diebold vote fraud installed Senators Talent, Coleman, and many others..

In Wisconsin, Dominion, a Canadian company, controls the outcome as it has bought Premier voting machines. Premier had been owned by Diebold and was acquired by Election Systems and Software which sold it to a foreign company with plutocratic directors.

What are some of the ways the minority Republicans steal elections

1. They control the counting machines

2. The electoral college allows minority Republicans to have expanded influence. The entire presidential vote doesn't count... only the majority in each state.

3. The Senate itself gives 72 times or more the power to Wyoming voters than to California voters. Tiny states have expanded influence. Small population rancher states have much more power than deserved.

4. The 'Supreme' Court majority were nominated by unelected Republican presidents and ratified by a Diebold created Senate majority. These rubber stampers of war, these serial killers of prisoners serve for life though never elected. This has allowed 5 white men to trump the will of 300 million Americans.

5. Voter intimidation. For example, Jeb Bush police operatives in Florida, Thune thugs in South Dakota intimidated black and Native American voters. Katherine Harris illegally removed 54,000 people from the polls.

6. Republicans control over 90% of OUR air waves through Romney owned Clear Channel, Mormon owned Bonneville, the pseudo Christian Salem Broadcasting Network, Rupert Murdoch's Fox, General Electric's NBC etc.

7. The Federal Election Commission excludes third party candidates (Libertarians, Greens, Socialists, Independents etc) from presidential debates.

8. Early closing of polling places

9. Polling places without the tools needed

10. Millions of voters have been illegally removed from the voter rolls since 2000.

11. In the primaries this year, Romney operative fraudsters manipulated the vote in at least 20 states.

12. Five times as many Democratic as Republican politicians have died in plane crashes. when Governor Mel Carnahan, Democrat in Missouri, and Senator Paul Wellstone, Democrat in Minnesota, died in plane crashes, Diebold was still necessary to manipulate the votes which gave the false victory to Republicans Norm Coleman and Jim Talent.

13. In Duval County, Florida, the Jacksonville newspaper, the Times Union, prepared a special edition for black areas of town, instructing voters to vote every page of the ballot. Thus were tens of thousands of ballots invalidated.

14. Romney operatives have hacked untold numbers of their opponents' computers. Romney, the loanshark raider of pension funds and corporate assets, has had even more dirty tricks in his road to the Republican convention.

Senator Robert F Kennedy wrote in Rolling Stone an extensive article on the way G W Bush operatives stole the election from John Kerry. Rep. John Conyers, one of the longest serving members of Congress, issued a congressional report tabulating the dozens of ways Republicans had created vote fraud.

Attorney Katie Goldman has been representing the Republican Party in Pennsylvania.

Judge Robert Simpson of Harrisburg sided with the Republicans on the Pennsylvania voting rights issue. Now it will go to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.