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16 Aug: Timeline from Ecuadorian Embassy vigil for Julian Assange

WISE Up Action | 16.08.2012 10:17 | Repression | Terror War

Current livestreams from Ecuadorian Embassy:

The Ecuadorian Foreign Minister has said in a press conference that a decision regarding Julian Assange’s asylum application will be announced on Thursday 16 August 2012 at around 1pm UK time. There was an increased police presence including TSG at the Embassy from yesterday evening.

Following threats from the UK government to storm the embassy, WikiLeaks issued this statement:
and a spokesperson for the Ecuadorian government said:

A call has gone out for people to come to the Embassy now:

3 Hans Crescent, London SW1X 0LS
Nearest tube: Knightsbridge
For more information, call Ben at Veterans for Peace 07866 559 312
Twitter hashtags: #assange #stand4ja

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16 August

13:40 Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Integration of Ecuador, Ricardo Patiño Aroca has announced that Julian's request for asylum has been granted.
13:39 Quito: There is a risk he will be persecuted. We trust that the UK will offer the nec. guarantees so that both governments can act adequately and properly in respecting international rights and rights of asylum and hope excellent relations between both countries will remain intact.
13:38 Quito: US cannot give any info about Assange case. Ecuadorian government will protect Assange and has decided to grant asylum to him as per his request in June 2012 in a written document
13:35 Quito: Ecuador made it clear to Sweden, wanted to facilitate an interview. Sweden didn't accept the proposal. Ec requested warranties from Sweden to ensure no extradition to US. Sweden refused to give these.
13:32 Quito: Listing human rights conventions, treaties etc.
13:31 Quito: there is a right not to be extradited - the protection is there.
13:30 Quito: Asylum overrides any other local regulations that are opposed to this. No local law can be used to deny the right to asylum to any person.
13:29 Quito: Asylum is a privilege that is fundamental and should be recognised by all states
13:25 Quito: Ecuador accepts US would not respect Assange's rights. If he goes to jail in Sweden, fear of extradition to US is real.
13:23 Quito: detailing Julian Assange's work and risks to his life posed by extradition risk and that he would not get fair trial and his human rights would be violated
13:20 Live from Quito: announcement about Ecuador's deliberations on asylum application by Julian Assange
13:06 Crowd chanting 'There's only one decision - no extradition!'
12:30 People chanting 'Hands off Ecuador' and 'Hands Off Julian Assange'
12:18 Ecuadorians amongst Assange supporters
12:16 Number of supporters at embassy building up ready for 1pm announcement
11:25 Two people reported to have been arrested
10:48 Woman just dragged off the fence by police
10:47 Police removing protesters from front of embassy to a pen next to the press
10:40 Lots of Assange supporters and press here at the embassy.

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