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National Extremism

Netcu Watch | 07.08.2006 17:25 | Animal Liberation | Repression

The updates to the NETCU (National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit) Watch website just seem to keep on coming as the agents of the state try desperately harder to brutally suppress the rights of people legally protesting within the UK.

In this update NW has a reply to the ridiculous media article posted in the Sunday Mail as an exclusive 'ANIMAL LIB UNI TERROR' in the media bias section of the site.

A piece on Tony Wright the recently prosecuted wildlife murderer who thought he was above the law (who if up to the police would be killing again and again and again.)

Also a report on police brutality during last saturdays peaceful protest against the illegal Israeli attack on Lebanon which was held in London.

"One Solution - Revolution"

Contact: 0845 337 2969

Netcu Watch


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