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Hangings outside the Shell Centre for Ogoni Day

Christian de Sousa | 09.11.2005 15:15 | Rossport Solidarity | Anti-militarism | Ecology | London

Activists from Rising Tide today hung a row of 9 nooses in front of the Shell Centre in London, to represent the companies complicity in the killings of Ken Sarowiwa and eight other Ogoni activists ten years ago.

The demonstration was speaking out against the ongoing destruction, exploitation and repression by Shell and other oil companies in the Niger delta and all over the world. The execution nooses were hung from the lampstands that illuminate the Shell Centre at night. Banners were unfurled, leaflets handed out and one activist spoke through a megaphone to explain to the public - and to Shell employees - the reason for the macabre installation above their heads. Police arrived and asked activists if they had applied for written permission to demonstrate, as the area was within the new Parliamentary half-mile no-protest exclusion zone.
Your correspondant left as the anti-demonstration was making its way round the building to the other entrance, apparently over half a mile outside the exclusion zone...

Christian de Sousa
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