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Cambridge GM Crop Trial

poon | 28.03.2007 16:35 | Bio-technology | Ecology | Health | Cambridge

Public Meeting

7.30 pm Monday 2nd April
Emmanuel United Reform Church, Trumpington St.

Michael Antoniou, reader in Molecular Genetics at Guy's Hospital Medical
Helena Paul, chair of GM Freeze
Clare Oxborrow, Real Food Campaign, National Friends of the Earth

Trials of GM potatoes have been given the go-ahead to be
planted from March 30th, at the National Institute
of Agricultural Botany (NIAB) in North Cambridge,
on behalf of multinational firm BASF.

These are the first GM crop trial in England in the last three years.
If they go ahead unopposed it gives a green light to the biotech
industry to push for further trials.

Similar trials in The Netherlands were recently stopped
in the courts due to a lack of controlled testing and
environmental impact assessments. A recent application for
trials in Ireland was cancelled after a public campaign
and the setting of strict conditions by the Irish government.

This meeting aims to empower people with more knowledge of
the GM debate.

Organised by Cambridge GM Concern

A further date for your diary: there will be a Protest Walk on Saturday
14th April at the site of the trials. Details will be posted on
Cambridge Indymedia shortly.

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