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Sat April 17 demonstration called by Edinburgh Stop the War Coalition

stw | 12.04.2004 09:01 | Anti-militarism

Edinburgh Stop the War Coalition expresses its disgust and horror at the latest massacres perpetrated by the US invaders of Iraq against the population of Falluja and elsewhere.

As in Vietnam, the only way the US knows it can succeed is by unleashing massive violence against the people of Iraq to terrorise them into submission.
We can only hope they fail but the US has turned so many countries into abbatoirs..Vietnam, Nicaragua, etc, etc.
If we want to prevent terrorist atrocities against us - then we have to oppose US and British state terrorism against Iraqis.


Saturday April 17th 12.00 noon
Parliament Square, Edinburgh
Stop the Massacres in Falluja
End the US & British occupation of Iraq
Bring the British Soldiers Home with the Spanish
Falluja doctors say more than 600 Iraqis have been killed in Falluja following the killing of four US mercenaries in that town
US still refuses to keep any records of Iraqis killed
More civilians have been massacred by US troops than the number who took part in the famous pulling down of the Saddam statue
The US Marines are using Israeli 'rules of engagement' - barbaric siege, snipers tanks and helicopter gunships against civilians
Five international NGOs report 470 killed in Falluja. 1200 injured - 243 were women and 200 children. The NGOs warned estimate may be too low.
"Dead bodies lying in the streets. Ambulances being shot at by snipers. Medical aid and supplies stopped by US Occupation Forces," the NGOs said.
Marines conducting the week-long operation in Falluja have been firing indiscriminately on people in the city, killing women and children.
"Bremer, Bremer you are the outlaw,'' Sunni and Shia worshippers chanted
Iraq is an unprovoked war of choice, launched by a US President against a regime that posed no threat to the US
Saddam is gone, there are no WMD - why are we still in Iraq?
Quote of the Day, from Laura Trevelyan, World This Weekend, BBC Radio 4. "British and American strategists will be deeply concerned by the images of Sunni and Shias praying together" (What could their strategy could be?)

Next Meeting of Edinburgh Stop the War Coalition
Wed Apr 14th at 8.00pm
Quaker Meeting House, Victoria Terrace (off George IV Bridge)

Edinburgh Stop the War Coalition Public Meeting
End the Occupation
British Troops Out of Iraq
Why Britain Supported Saddam for so long and then 'discovered' he was the a monster
Speakers include
Haifa Zangana
Iraqi writer, ex-political prisoner under Saddam Hussein
Wed Apr 21 7.30pm
Augustine United Church
George IV Bridge