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Video:Reportage from Bristol rally held by supporters of sacked RollRoyce worker

BIMC vol / IMC UK video vol | 23.08.2005 23:16 | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements

A short video reportage from last wednesdays rally, organised by supporters of the sacked Rolls Royce worker Jerry Hicks held on 17.08.05 in Bristol Council House. Speakers at the rally included Bob Crow, Jerry Hicks and Tony Benn.

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Videostill: Jerry Hicks after speaking
Videostill: Jerry Hicks after speaking

Videostill: Tony Benn speaking
Videostill: Tony Benn speaking

Videosyill: the crowd waiting for speaches to begin
Videosyill: the crowd waiting for speaches to begin

Videostill: crowd applause
Videostill: crowd applause

Video duration: 6 mins 45 seconds
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In the reportage, Bob Crow looks at the similarirites between the Rolls Royce sackings and the current Gate Gourment workers dispute at Heathrow, Jerry Hicks describes how Rolls Royce tried to bribe him to not talk any more about his sacking, and Tony Benn talks of the wider global context of privatisation that this sacking is part of.

There will be a march in Bristol on Friday the 2nd September, assembling at the Council House at 1pm, College Green, Bristol.

From Bristol Indymedia frontpage: With strike action holding the national headlines through the Heathrow strike – it seems that workers are getting together in solidarity to fight for what they believe in. Bristol is no exception: forwarded message writes; Jerry Hicks, a sacked trade unionist working at the Bristol Rolls Royce plant, talked in Cambridge on the Thursday 11th August. The meeting was organized by the Marshall's Aerospace branch of the Amicus Union in Cambridge, but the audience was quite mixed with trade unionists sitting next to anti-war and social justice activists..

Full Bristol Indymedia frontpage article:

Report back from Jerry Hicks talk in Cambridge:

Background to Jerry Hicks sacking:

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