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Moley | 19.11.2003 23:52 | Bush 2003 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Social Struggles

Details of Todays Stop Bu$h protest in Canterbury

Tonight saw a small protest against Bush in Canterbury high street.

About 100-200 people gathered outside the library at 6pm, after several chants lead by Mac someone produced a guitar and an African drum and started a song “We’re going to war. Pay your taxes”
The crowd came from a wide range of back grounds, veteran protesters as well as virgin, old people, children, mothers, a few homeless guys, one Iranian as well as an American there was even a Franciscan monk in full robes.
As to be expected the police were taking a video of it all, they must be really after the £250 from “You’ve been framed” (Sorry coppers it’s supposed to be funny not videos of people you’d like to stitch up)
Funnily enough the police seemed to take real notice when one of the speakers mentioned that they’d received a letter from the local cops saying that any march would not be permitted. Strange, we can’t even walk down our streets to say what we feel, how long till we have American style “free speech zones”?
They didn’t seem to take too kindly when reminded that the Steven Lawrence inquiry had condemned them of “institutionalised racism” or the fact that one of the top guys is an open supporter of the BNP.
After some conversations it was decided that we should take a five minute walk to the war memorial outside the cathedral. The crowd was led an effigy of Bu$h along with chants and songs over the mega phone.
I think many of us would have liked to have burnt the effigy but I suspect we’d all have been done for arson, inciting racial hatred or some other happy horseshit.

There would be photos, especially of the little kid leading the chant and Mr Bu$h but I’ve only got a normal camera and by the time the film comes out this won’t even be news.

See you all tomorrow.

!Ya Basta!