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English Defence League, LGBT, Anarchists, Iran, Israel and Palestine analysis

Anon | 20.08.2010 16:44 | Flotilla to Gaza | Anti-racism | Palestine | Social Struggles | South Coast | World

The English Defence League are a Zionist backed & funded street army who have recruited hardcore racists groups in their plans to start a race war against Muslims. They use the excuse "Islamic extremism" as a ruse for their anti Muslim thuggery but their Israeli flags and "Stop Iran's support for Hamas" banners say it all. Orlando Montfort of the EDL LGBT Divs will be leading EDL Anarchist Divs.

When people think of the English Defence League [EDL] they think of racists from Combat 18, BNP, National Front, Anarchist Nationalists, Blood & Honoue etc and these have all been attracted to and invited into the EDL. Many EDL leadership members vote UKIP and encourage EDL members to vote UKIP ie Guramit Singh, Joel Titus, Trevor Kelway and Darren Lee [also known as Darren Marsh].

An emerging picture however show that the real agenda of the EDL is that they are are supporting and defending the Israeli occupation of Palestine and are protecting Israeli interests here in the UK. They have recruited hardline neo Nazis to do their dirty work and have tried to start a race war against British Muslims. They have recruited ex and serving soldiers form the British Army, some of whom are self confessed Zionsists, others are racist and some simply see Muslims as "the enemy" following years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

One of the claims made by the EDL is that "Mohammed [PBUH] was a paedophile and that he "married a 9 year old". Nowhere in the Qur'an does it say this. The EDL keep using this as a way of brainwashing thugs into their agenda against Muslims.

A protest outside the Israeli embassy organised by the EDL and Zionists jointly revealed that the EDL also have it in for Iran. They held banners with "Stop Iran's support for Hamas" written on them. The EDL and their supporters certainly do have an anti Iran agenda. The EDL and their friends have trolled pro Muslim sites on the internet with a "women's rights in Iran" campaign and have used anti Iran propaganda to attack the forthcoming Al Quds annual demonstration and march on the 4th September and anti Iran propoganda with regard to Palestine.

The English Defence League have a Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Division. One of the men actively involved in the EDL LGBT Division Orlando Montfort plans to start an EDL Anarchist Division. He has said that he will be concentrating his efforts around Tower Hamlets of where he says "There are more homophobic attacks in Whitechapel than anywhere else in the country" but has failed to back this up with statistcs. He says that he has strong support from gay and anarchist activists in Whitechapel and will lead the soon to be formed EDL Anarchist Division. Orlando Montfort does not look like a stereotypical EDL member. He dresses like a goth, has several piercings and a long jet black mohican hairstyle. He is a member of the EDL Jewish Division and says that he is from Portugal.

It is clear that the ENglish Defence League will use anything and anyone it can lay it's hands on in their Zionist war against Muslims.

Tonight on Channel 4 new the EDL's "leader" known as Tommy Robinson will be unmasked as Paul Harris following a false accusation by hope Not Hate that Stephen Yaxley Lennon was Tommy Robinson. The real leader of the EDL, the man who pays the EDL in the war on Muslims is Zionist Alan Lake.



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