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While Palestinians die! The BBC Lies!

Filasteen Abdul | 21.08.2010 01:11 | Flotilla to Gaza | Anti-militarism | Palestine | Social Struggles | Sheffield

Newcastle, Tyne and Wear. On 17th August the BBC programme ‘Panorama’ aired 'Death on the Med' a documentary about the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in May 2010.Since shooting nine peace activists dead on the Freedom Flotilla, the Israeli state has led a concerted attempt to rewrite history - making their commandos the victims of an assault by “terrorists”. BBC news coverage of the attack and Panarama’s recent programme clearly show that the BBC is following suit and aligning itself with the Zionist state of Israel.

Demonstration August 22nd at BBC Television Studio, Barrack Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1pm!/event.php?eid=151297358219342&ref=mf

Statement from Ken O'Keefe who was onboard the Marvi Marmara and was interviewed by Panorama and who's call to protest is being responded to across England (Manchester, London, and Newcastle) at the same time on the same day

"Get out in force, this is a grand opportunity to expose the BBC. This is a necessary step towards a better world. Come to this protest and bring friends!" .

Ken also now has a website

We protest in the strongest terms at the bias always shown toward Israel by the BBC, enough is enough; we all know the truth of the terrorist attacks committed by Israel on unarmed peace activists! Excessive force was used against the civilians from many countries who wanted to transport humanitarian aid to the people in Gaza, and among whom there were women and children. Panorama didnt mention the 5 shots fired into Fulkan Dogan's head (at the back), neck, back, and legs from a distance of less than 45cm."

It didnt mention how the nine dead were shot over 30 times in total and that 5 had been shot at close range in the head!! The Turkish autopsy results were never mentioned at all infact.

The IDF have infact produced statement regarding the faked radio transmission that was played during the program, admitting that the transmission recording was doctored

The BBC has once again demonstrated that it does not value true, investigative journalism using credible sources and has clearly shown support for Israeli propaganda initiatives following their targeting of innocent civilians. We strongly condemn these inhuman acts of Israel and the bias shown by the BBC. This grave incident took place in high seas in gross violation of international law and has been condemned by the entire world, yet the BBC played the illegality of Israels actions down.

BBC needs to know that it cannot continue airing lies, bias and propaganda.

Free Palestine!

Filasteen Abdul


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