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Hand Built Wind Turbine Course 20-22 July, Lincs/Notts

Pete | 10.07.2007 13:27 | Climate Chaos | Education | Technology | Sheffield

Course: Hand Built Wind Turbines
Dates: 20th-22nd July
Location: Hill Holt Wood, Nottinghamshire/Lincolnshire border.
cost: £200, discounts available on request.

Over the weekend we build a wind turbine together from scratch following a design developed by Hugh Piggott of Scoraig Wind -

The design involves hand-carved wooden blades, an alternator built from scratch using permanent magnets and hand-wound copper wire coils and a hand welded mounting made from reclaimed steel and a reclaimed bearing from a vauxhall astra car wheel.

Camping accommodation is provided at no extra cost as is food.

For more details visit and


- e-mail: pete(at)
- Homepage:


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  1. what happens to the turbine? — curious