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New Sequani campaign building momentum + new job openings for security staff!

Stop Sequani Campaign | 26.01.2008 00:09 | Stop Sequani Animal Testing | SOCPA | Animal Liberation | Repression

Demos every day at Sequani torture labs, workers shamed in and out of work! Now up to five security guards for five protesters as new campaign builds up momentum!

Workers were welcomed in to work as activists turned up at Sequani torture labs at 7am on the dot again. Workers looked pissed off as usual, probably at the prospect of being reminded for another week running of the work they do which kills and maims so many animals. Friendly local cops attended as usual.

Sequani clinical have been receiving noisy megaphone demonstrations and the public were made aware of the human cost of the drug side affects that are not detected by the animal experiments that take place at the other Sequani animal torture site. Not that any of the Sequani research is life saving unless anti dandruff shampoo, anti perspirant deodorant and sanitary products which take away period pain (!?) are life saving?

On departing Sequani employees were subjected to a public shaming on the megaphone, passing motorists were supportive of the demo and pissed off that the police shut the road to allow the workers out quickly so they didn’t have to see the “terrorists”.

We have been at Sequani every weekday except Wednesdays for the past three weeks, get used to it Sequani, we see that you have job openings at Sequani for Security staff, hmmm we know a few people who might be interested who haven’t been out on demonstrations before who might be able to help you out...

Even with the Sequani 6 being dragged through the Crown court using unjust unlawful SOCPA legislation a new campaign is born. It looks like you haven't stopped lawful protest just yet have you West Mercia, but no doubt paedophiles are being released early so you can fill up the prisons with a few more campaigners for pointing and shouting in 2008!

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