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London Critical Mass January ride.

Doug | 26.01.2008 09:34 | SOCPA | Climate Chaos | Repression | Social Struggles | London

A subdued start to a good ride, held up by a massive traffic jam in the Strand, but it livened up later with a bike high in Piccadilly Circus and taunts to impatient car horns. Joyful chants of 'More bikes less cars' and 'Whose streets? Our streets'.


Several sound systems this time, some were threatened with SOCPA prosecution if they dared to play in the vicinity of Parliament. Cycle police were back after their Christmas/New Year break, about 28 in all - they usually don't turn up at all to the December ride. They barked orders and blocked the ride at some intersections but did a good job of corking and even told off a few drivers. Later they shut down a sound system in Whitehall.

Just before Oxford Circus, a wannabe saboteur threw a glass bottle into the road which shattered into lots of puncturing shards, something to watch out for in future.