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SHAC Global Day of Action - Hampshire

SHAC Hampshire | 02.10.2008 14:47 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Health | South Coast

For the global day of action, SHAC were busy down in Hampshire naming and shaming those who help keep Huntingdon open, to maim and mutilate 500 animals every single day, especially those on the NYSE. You would think with the current financial crisis the last thing that the NYSE would want is shac on their back, but they haven't dropped HLS yet, so maybe they like our protests?

CIBA Vision, Flanders Road, Hedge End, Southampton, Hampshire, SO30 2LG

Our first stop of the day was our old friends at CIBA Vision, Hedge End. We could feel the workers getting increasingly distressed with our presence as one of the men kept looking angrily at us then walking a few steps forward, and then stopping and walking back. Looks like he, along with all of Novartis and CIBA Vision, doesn't have the guts to face what he's involved in, helping murder 72,000 animals each year inside HLS, along with all of the other dodgy dealings Novartis is involved in.

We promised a long time ago that we would always come back to this site time and time again, and we've kept that promise. And we intend to keep it until Novartis drop HLS.

AXA, Winterthur Way, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG21 6SZ

Next up, in aid of our campaign to gets HLS off the NYSE, we visited AXA. AXA kindly opened their gate for us, giving us the opportunity to walk around the car park explaining to the workers inside exactly kind of company they're involved in and the cruelties going on inside HLS as a result of them remaining on the NYSE. AXA, until Huntingdon are off the NYSE we will be back time and time again.

Statestreet, Pinewood, Chineham Business Park, Crockford Lane, Chineham, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG24 8AL

Statestreet was our next stop, one of the biggest shareholders on the NYSE. As soon as our megaphones were in use and the employees of Statestreet and other surrounding businesses began learning about the horrors inside HLS, out came two workers demanding that we leave immediately, looks like you're a bit cagey about Huntingdon Life Sciences, Statestreet. Wonder why that could be? Much to the dismay of the boss, we outstayed our welcome to ensure all those unaware of Statestreets dodgy dealings we're in full knowledge.

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Oxoid Wade Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG24 8PW

Thermo Fisher became our next spontaneous location, we were just driving through but couldn't help ourselves when we spotted this disgusting company. We weren't the only ones keen to protest here, one neighbouring worker even climbed out of his office window and leaped through several bushes just to see what we were doing!

A company who are a customer and a supplier of Huntingdon Life Sciences, giving them the money and the tools to murder innocent animals, both human and non-human. Well done Thermo Fisher, you must be proud.

Cardinal Health, The Crescent, Jays Close, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG22 4BS

Again, another spontaneous target, unfortunately for Cardinal Health.

We've have a bit of a history with cardinal health employees, thugs and bullies from what I remember. And surprise, surprise, they continue to live up to their name. Several employees sniggered as we explained to them the procedure of oral gavage and spoke about the beagle puppies who have been punched in the face by incompetent workers inside Huntingdon. We'll be back soon Cardinal Health, to see you and all your scummy workers.

An amazing day here in the south, as always. Continuous local support throughout. Even fighting the cold and the rain, we still looked more cheerful than the workers hiding in shame inside those scummy companies still dealing with Huntingdon Life Sciences.

SHAC Hampshire
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