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The Groucho Gate Affair

Andrew Peacher | 29.07.2014 09:17 | Education | Other Press | Social Struggles | London | Oxford

The Elite and Famous the people who run our country in London's Groucho club was allowed by management to have services of a sexual natural advertised on a online forum.

Come Clean on Child Abuse Grouch Club Whistle Blowers Welcome.

Groucho Club London Come Clean On Child Porn/Abuse

This reminds me of the MK-Ultra program, where young people in the entertainment industry are recruited from satanic families who will not protest against their own children's abuse and allow entertainment companies like Disney to exploit and mind-control them. My radio show colleague Andy Peacher and I discovered that this mind control and abuse of children was going on in England at least as far back as Elizabethan times, with many of the child actors abused as part of a program of trauma-based mind control program similar to MK-Ultra. Kate Bush seems to allude to something sinister involving the entertainment industry in her song "Experiment IV". Also, watch the UK film "Fragile". I thought it was a good horror film and gave it a "thumbs up" on Youtube until I read more about MK-Ultra and Monarch programming. I read about how many trauma-based mind control victims are compelled to identify with robots and the ghost featured in "Fragile" is like a robot. The children also watch Snow White in the film and this seems to be for triggering their programming. This stuff is real, folks. Please pay attention and protect your kids.

Timothy Spearman AKA Timothy Watson

Further articles July 2014 ref the Groucho Club 45 dean street Soho London.

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