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Report: National Day of Action for Refugees

1234 deportation no more | 19.05.2007 17:00 | Anti-racism | Migration | Repression

Today, around 150 people marched for asylum seekers' rights and against deportations.

"Approximately 30,000 immigrants and asylum seekers are locked up in detention centres and prisons in Britain every year, including over 2000 children and babies.

About 400 are deported from Britain every week.

Since 2001 alone, as racist immigration legislation has got increasingly vicious, there have been 41 suicides of asylum seekers, refugees and migrant workers - 17 in detention centres and prisons. In September 2006 the Institute of Race Relations, catalogued the deaths of 221 asylum seekers, refugees and migrant workers in Britain in the 17 years since 1989". (NWASDG)

Today, around 150 people marched for asylum seekers' rights and against deportations. The march started at Strangeways prison and finished with a rally at Manchester Town Hall.

The Congo Support Project and North West Asylum Seekers Defence Group and many individuals were present at the march with chanting, singing and big visible banners, while Rhythms of Resistance Manchester Samba Band brightened the rainy day with their rhythms.

The march attracted the attention of thousands of people who showed their support.



1234 deportation no more


Asylum Solidarity Day in Leeds

21.05.2007 08:35

In Leeds we had a great asylum solidarity day which was very well attended. People with differing degrees of knowledge about asylum issues were moved, inspired, informed and educated by films, speakers and discussion as well as meeting each other. We got together about 60 asylum seekers, volunteers, supporters and people working with asylum seekers and shared lots of really useful information about the situation in Leeds.

We also had some great food and lots of chance to socialise and chat as well as some fantastic music in the evening.

Leeds No Borders