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London 15 June: Muslim Demo against British Oppression

repost | 19.05.2007 21:08 | Anti-racism | Repression | Terror War | Birmingham | London

Attached is the flyer for a protest planned for 15th June 2007, 2:30pm - 5pm at 10 Downing Street.

I don't know anything about this campaign and I don't believe in gods or masters but it's hard to disagree with 90% of the text on the flyer for this protest.

A great site with a lot of resources on the demonisation of muslims and the "war on terror", that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend is Cageprisoners:

See also the National Coalition of Guantanamo Campaigns and the Campaign against Criminalising Communities

- Homepage:


British Muslims are NOT our enemy

20.05.2007 07:51

Of course there are not "muslim lands", like these are not "christian lands", there is only one GOD running the world and that is the GOD of the capitalist economy, GUNS, OIL and DRUGS.

That some muslims in the UK think that this war for energy resources is actually a "clash of civisilations" is hardly suprising with Bush and Blair pretending to believe in a god other then their real GOD and after all this is what the neocons want people to think.

This shouldn't prevent people protesting in solidarity with them against the oppression they fase: muslims, animal rights activists and eco protestors are all subject to dawn raids: it's only through united opposition to the police state that it will be defeated: divided we will fall.


See also

26.05.2007 23:25

British Oppression Downing Street protest - the usual suspects strike again



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