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CAR Foie gras update // House of cheese protests continue in Tetbury.

Cirencester Animal Rights | 02.09.2008 18:04 | Animal Liberation | Repression

Cirencester Animal Rights demo report from the House of Cheese Foie gras demonstration in Tetbury.

Activists from Cirencester Animal Rights recently held a peaceful demonstration outside the House of Cheese in the sleepy rural town of Tetbury against the sale of Foie gras (French for “Fatty liver“). The manager was heard to have told police that the protests were peaceful but “you know how they get, it might get ugly”. An hour later three police cars arrived and the five activists were asked for personal details to which they refused.

The protesters handed out leaflets to interested members of the public some of which seemed angry at the police presence which now included one police officer per protester and the chief inspector.

Foie gras is produced by force feeding ducks and geese until the liver swells to up to 10 times its original size they are then slaughtered and the liver sold as a luxury pate. The process of “gavage” (French for force feeding) is so cruel it is banned in the UK under animal welfare legislation.

Unfortunately many outlets selling Foie gras lie to customers saying that their foie gras is from non force fed ducks or migratory ducks which naturally over eat. Even though French rural law states that a the duck or goose MUST be force fed in to obtain the title of Foie gras otherwise it remains a standard liver pate.

The shop owner had physically attacked activists who tried to give her information about the cruel production of foie gras on their first visit and on this occasion stood outside of her shop and shouted at members of the public who showed their disapproval.

Our group will continue to protest at the house of cheese and other foie gras outlets in Tetbury and surrounding areas until it its sale has ceased.

After complaints from Cirencester Animal Rights and disgusted members of the public regarding foie gras the Prince of Wales has removed Foie gras from all of his Royal Menus and is currently removing his “royal warrant” from the House of Cheese.

We extend our thanks to visitors to Tetbury and locals who showed their support during our demonstration.

Please take a second to contact House of Cheese and voice your protest against their continued sale of this disgusting “delicacy”.

House of Cheese
13 Church Street
Tetbury, GL8 8JG
01666 502 865
Please keep all contact polite.

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