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Direct Action Camp in the squatted forest near Frankfurt/Germany

free forests | 02.09.2008 15:25 | Climate Camp 2008 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Free Spaces

The forest of kelsterbach near the airport of frankfurt/main is occupied now since three month. Fraport (the corporation running frankfurt airport) is planning to build a new runway on this place, cutting down every tree on 300ha of land. In total something about 100.000 trees would have to fall for the profit of an enormous international acting corporation. For the people of this region it will mean twice the flight movements per year, at least to a level of one movement every 45 sec. In the first week of september there will be an action camp on the site of occupation, from where we´re going to start countless direct activities in the forests, the streets and the terminals.

the camp will be an DIY camp, we will provide a kitchen, food and all what is necessary to cook, but we are not enough people to cook alone, so we will do this altogether. The action camp starts monday 1.9.08 an will end on sunday 7.9.08.

Monday: 10:00-12:00 Preparation of forest excursions
13:00-17:00 Forest excursions
17:00 Info meeting
20:30 three months of forest occupation, discussion
Documentations of the resistance against
Startbahn 18 West in the 1980´s
Tuesday 10:00-12:00 action training:
different techniques and strategies
performance during actions
13:00-14:00 daily preparations for actions
13:30-14:00 ev. coordination meetings
14:00-16:00 walkabout in the camp
discussion: luxus for everybody
standards of live in a suitable world
16:00-18:00 direct action planing
different blockade techniques +
creative activism
19:00-20:30 Castor 2006 (Cine Rebelde)
mobilization for Castor 2008
20:30 nasty tricks of police and justice
Wednesday10:00-12:00 hut building
climate protection and veganism
walkabout in the forest
paint bombs and creative beautification
13:00-14:00 daily preparations for actions
13:30-14:00 ev. coordination meetings
14:00-16:00 direct action training
lock-on´s, tri-pods, radioballet, ...
16:00-18:00 open street map
19:00-20:30 Klimacamp 2006 (Cine Rebelde)
20:30 concert (?)
Thursday 10:00-12:00 intensification of our action preparations
13:00-14:00 daily preparations for actions
13:30-14:00 ev. coordination meetings
14:00-16:00 climate protection from below
16:00-18:00 poems
19:00-20:30 anti-gmo field occupations
Docu, film, discussion
20:30 The fourth world war (big noise)
Friday action day meet you at the airport
20:30 Poetry slam (?)
open stage
Saturday 10:00-12:00 local and international networking
ev. founding of a rising.tide network germany
13:00-16:00 drum session against fraport
and training at the lake
16:00-18:00 antifascists forest excursions
19:00-20:30 Film about Julia Butterfly Hill
20:30 concert
Sunday 10:00-12:00 Klimacamp 2009
info about the preparations
founding of a Rhein-Main Group
13:00-15:00 Freiräume
15:00 militant resistance against big players
with examples from Startbahn West and Anti AKW
excursion to Startbahn West
19:00-20:30 evaluation
20:30 Party

There is a forest full of room for your workshops, films, music and for you!

What to bring: Sleeping stuff
climbing equipment
and all you can´t miss in a forest

How to find us:

by train
from frankfurt or mainz with the S-Bahn to kelsterbach
out of the railway station you go left following the rüsselsheimer straße about 2km with the railway on your left
at a crossing out of the city you go again left and pass under the railway, ignore the road on your right and take the next parking place on the right, follow the signs

by car
Autoroute 3 Kelsterbach
Kelsterbach Stadtmitte
pass through town direction Raunheim
first crossing after you´ve left the town you go left and take the first parking on your rigtht
follow the signs

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