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Yet another fascist attack with stabbing in Rome

nodosolidale | 02.09.2008 13:52 | Repression

After the commemoration for the murder of Renato, a comrade that was stabbed to death by a young fascist 2 years ago, a group of 10 fascists attacked again in the dark and stabbed another comrade in his leg. Fascist violence is growing fast in Italy, since january 2005 til now we saw 308 fascist attacks, some of them mortal, and 142 acts of vandalism singing the praises of nazifascism.

August 2006-August 2008: Same Knives, Same Plot

2 years after the murder of Renato Biagetti, yesterday 29 August a commemoration in his remembrance took place in Schuster Park in Rome.

Since the afternoon thousands of people shared through the music the memory of Renato and the refusal of fascist violence. The only sore point was the presence of dozens of police and carabinieri vans for the whole duration of the concert.

When the event was over, at about 4.30 a.m, a fascist squad of about 10 people with knives and chains attacked 4 comrades, in the dark of Ostiense Street and from behind, while they were going back to their cars. One of them got stabbed 7 times in his thigh, and when he fell to the ground he also got kicked in his face, while the others managed to avoid the beatings. The fascists ran away soon afterwards.

It's quite evident that this event is a statement of the extreme right wing factions, a signature for the murder of Renato and a claim for a consolidated practice for those political groups: only in Rome lately we got hundreds of fascist attacks, between them the ones in Villa Ada after a left wing concert, in the Casal Bertone squat, and in LaSapienza University.

In Rome, and actually in the whole country, a state of fear is being fueled through episodes of fascist attacks and rondes, and also with a strong and embarassing militarization of the city.

Once again we see a red line, a continuity between these episodes and the political strategies of the right wing governments, as well as the ones of the self-styled left wing.

Tonight, 30th of August at 9 p.m. we will meet again in Schuster Park for a communication event that will cross the city.

Antifascists in Rome

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