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Mass stop and search of black youth, London - Bank Holiday: Video

MR | 02.09.2008 21:46 | Repression | London

The video is from the police helicopter. The rest of the article is pretty much rubbish.

"I as part of the group that was stopped we simply wanted to attend carnival and have a good time it just happened that groups of friends joined from lewisham and southwark you have to ask the question if we really wanted to cause such a huge proplem why is it that no weapons were found and the only arrests were to people who let police know the reason for us going to the carnival"

This comment shows what really happened. Police swooped on a large crowd of black youth heading for carnival and kept them for over four hours at Oval, London on Bank Holiday monday. When the cops arrived en masse, lots of kids run into the estates causing the police to enter the side streets and just pick up any black kids they saw.
After searching all the youth and photographing them, 7 were arrested for 'threatening behaviour' - basically the ones who refused to be searched.
The reporting of this event was rubbish with no paper willing to point out the obvious bullshit that the police spun around this one.
Gangs? Knives? Trouble?

The ramifications of this kind of policing affect anyone the cops don't like be that young black men or other people who want to change this shit world.




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  1. wheres the vid lol — wheres the vid