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UK Newswire Archive

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Education Chief Disciplined for Discrimination, Blames Brighton Council for Bad Advice

16-10-2008 17:55

Philip Morgan leaves the General Teaching Council hearing, September 2008
A senior manager has been found guilty of unacceptable professional conduct for discrimination against a transgender teacher. Philip Morgan was employed by Brighton & Hove City Council as Education, Training and Employment Manager. The General Teaching Council for England (GTC) disciplinary panel said the ex-headteacher had “brought the reputation and standing of the profession into serious disrepute.” The Council did not reprimand him, but fought and lost against the Equality & Human Rights Commission at an earlier Employment Tribunal.

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Palestine Today 101608

16-10-2008 15:47

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Thursday 16.2008

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Halloween Action in Cardiff

16-10-2008 15:44

Capitalism is bad black magick . . .

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radical/alternative Tyneside guide online

16-10-2008 15:10

Tyneside is a great place to live. But sometimes it takes ages to find the gems that make it special. This guide is a short cut to help people find the places and resources to take (back) control of our lives.

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4 new prisoners

16-10-2008 15:02

Four people have been remanded in custody.

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Bush: "This sucker could go down." If only!

16-10-2008 14:43

What strange times we are living in. George Bush is being called a 'socialist' and is forced to intensify a sense of panic concerning the state of the 'economy' in order to convince fellow republicans and the public of the virtues of state intervention in the financial system. Surely this isn't how capitalism works.

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UNICEF to pull out of The Baby Show over links with the arms trade.

16-10-2008 14:28

This story is due to appear in The Guardian tomorrow, but has been forward to DISARM DSEi after the freelancer concerned (who has done all the work on the story), was shafted by both CAAT and The Guardian.

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London FreeSchool Weekender....

16-10-2008 13:06

The London FreeSchool is planning another event for November 21st - 23rd to include free workshops, skill-sharing and discussion on various topics.

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At the Library House next week, Social center Camberwell

16-10-2008 12:11

Events Happening next week at the autonomous spcae The Library House:
52 knatchbull rd SE5 9QY (on Burton Rd, behind minet library)
check out our new website:

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Sat 18 Oct: Anarchist Bookfair in London

16-10-2008 11:37

The Anarchist bookfair will once again be taking place in London with the usual mix of stalls, workshops, speakers, etc. A really good say out and totally free (though donations are appreciated to cover the cost of the event). There is also a post-bookfair benefit party at Ramparts for NE London Hunt Sabs

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Clap a Banker or should that be fuck one 5th Novemebr London..

16-10-2008 11:09

Well that’s what I’d really like to call for but there’s fuck all chance of it happening given the current levels of torpor in the anarchist movement……….oh sorry - ‘movement’ is something you dont get from anarchists at the moment.

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Activists Bring Biofuels Conference to Stand Still on World Food Day

16-10-2008 10:58

Climate Activists have brought the Newark Biofuels Expo to a stand still with rape alarms and banners.

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Smash ITT/EDO. Witnesses needed for assault on photographer.

16-10-2008 10:19

Yesterday at around 2.15pm protesters emerged from the woods above the ITT factory into an adjoining field. They had brought with them a sound system. Also in the field were two Police dog handlers and several other officers in riot gear. At one point during the clashes a photographer who was recording the Police action was assaulted. A dog handler set his dog on him causing serious injury.

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The Database State marches on

16-10-2008 09:09

Now NuLabour wants to monitor all internet traffic and mobile phone usage.

Home secretary Jacqui Smith is quited as saying

"There are no plans for an enormous database which will contain the content of your emails, the texts that you send or the chats you have on the phone or online"

which almost certainly means that this is precisely what they *do* have in mind.

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Faces to look out for at the BPP demo this Saturday in Leeds

16-10-2008 09:05

Paul Bamford
Fascist scum from the British People's Party orbit - Past and present.

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Wakey Wakey!: Scotland First Minister Alex Salmond woken to the impacts of airpo

16-10-2008 07:34

Wakey Wakey!: Scotland First Minister Alex Salmond woken to the impacts of airport expansion by Airport residents.

Communities at their wits end living under Scottish flightpaths join forces with ClimateAction group Plane Stupid Scotland

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World Food Day

16-10-2008 01:56

October 16th, World Food Day is also the 23rd International Day of Action Against McDonalds, once again to be marked by Veggies in Nottingham, this year with a Vegan Free Food Giveaway at Exchange Walk, and in London by Vegan Campaigns with a protest at Regents Street.

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Liverpool Nazi police suppressing freedom of speech

15-10-2008 22:56

Gestapo police operating on the streets of Liverpool
To my mind the 'let'im go' chorus will eventually have to turn to freeing
They are preparing for that eventuality
This looks like the story of the jews - in the end hands off protest at the most atrocious crime and acquiescence

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Block the Vichy European Summit on Immigration, November 3-4 2008! (in english,

15-10-2008 22:52

On the next November 3rd and 4th , the French presidency of the European Union will gather, upon the initiative of Brice Hortefeux, French minister of immigration, integration and national identity, the whole 27 European ministers of Interior and Justice. They will all meet in Vichy, the historic capital of the pro-Nazi regime in France during the Second World War.

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Shut ITT

15-10-2008 22:04

This is what the mainstream have to say about it.
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